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Hot & Cold Breast Fondling

After my session last night with my wife I must get input from other women regarding the breast fetish I just experimented with. I used a hot and cold sensation on a her and it absolutely sent her through the roof.

I got some water with ice and brought it to the bedroom. As my wife and I began to rub our bodies over each other I took the ice and rubbed them around her nipples. She automatically arched her back to the cold sensation and moaned out loud. After 2-3 minutes I followed it up with my lip and pulled, nibbled and sucked her nipples until they were as hard as I've ever seen them. She grabbed my head and begged me to suck her tits deeper in her mouth as she ground her pussy on my thigh. Before I knew it she was coming like she's never come before.

Women are there other techniques that like this one that really get you off?

rm_HorneyGT 55H
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